Michelle Obama Takes a Jab at Trump’s Tweets: ‘You Need to Edit & Spell Check’


Michelle Obama had some advice for President Donald Trump regarding his use of Twitter: “You need to edit and spell check.”

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“One thing I’ve learned in politics. One person can’t make the change. Change is from the bottom up. Not the top down. And that’s a good thing,” she said. “That means that no one person can break all this either,” Obama added seemingly referring to Trump without saying his name.

During the fireside-like chat, the mother of two also spoke about social media, appearing to refer to Trump’s early morning tweets.

“It is never a good thing to say the first thing that comes to your mind,” Obama said about thinking before you tweet and “never tweeting” from bed at night, later adding, “You need to edit and spell-check,” as reported by Page Six.

Obama admittedly said there are areas of social media she has yet to comprehend.

“What’s up with you young people? This Tweetin’ and Snapchattin’ … this is generationally something that I just don’t understand,” she said as reported by The Toronto Star. “Would you take your journal, your diary and open it up in the center of the town square and let people just read it? Just come up and go ‘Ooh, this is how you felt? About your mother?’ ”


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