Mike Pence Implicated in Treason Scandal: We Should IMPEACH Both


It is not only Michael Flynn who is going down! The scandal is growing as more officials are implicated in this Russian saga.  It is shocking that even the Vice President Mike Pence is aware of the treason committed by Flynn.

We thought that Flynn was the good guy until he found himself surrounded by substantial evidence that nailed him to the cross. He was unable to come out of the tight noose around his neck despite trying to break loose.

Pence was shocked to discover a few days ago that Flynn made a scandalous contact with the Russian ambassador, the vice president found such act and never told the American people that they had been betrayed.

Gone are the days when matters like this take the time to solve, with the advent of science and technology, addressing issues like this doesn’t take time. Poor Pence, he was also implicated in the case.  Being aware that something treasonous happened in America and not notifying the people is also a sin. Pence is guilty is as sin. He has no reason to keep mute when he knew that something terrible had happened.

According to sources who refused to be named within the White House, the Vice President got to know that the Justice Department on February 9th had believed that Flynn had compromised.  If Pence is an upright man as he claims, he should have spoken up like a patriot; he remained silent.

Back in January, Trump was whispered of what Flynn did, while Pence got to know about the mess last week. We deserve to know the truth about what happened during the entire election, yet two trusted leaders who should stand for America failed us.

Sally Yates, the Attorney General who was recently sent packing by Trump, had spoken with the White House, that Mr.Flynn compromised when he contacted the Russians in January. The puzzle seems to be getting clearer!

It appeared that Yates was fired because she wanted to expose Trump and his ‘boys’ as men who are controlled by Russians. Trump was not going to allow his secrets to be made known to us. However, he failed woefully as evidence has been coming out to prove that he is Russian puppet.

There was a time Flynn confined in pence that he never talked sanctions when he met with the Russians. Though, smart Pence got to know that Flynn was lying. What he failed to do was to hold a press conference as an upright man to clarify the issue, but he never did.

There is a silver lining that might force us to impeach Pence and Trump at once. They are surrounded by damaging evidence that has nailed them.

If Americans could impeach Bill Clinton for lying, nothing stops us from impeaching Trump and Pence for us lying.  Things are heating up pretty fast, and we are sure that soon, more men would be implicated until Trump is axed by the law. We just cannot wait for his downfall!




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