Mike Pence Keeps Trump Happy By Mocking Himself And Telling Jokes About How Poor He Is


President Donald Trump has a short temper that is notoriously loud and can shift in loyalty and mood.  This is one of the reasons why the president blows hot when he tweets.


According to Axios, Vice President Mike Pence stays on the president’s good side by making fun of himself.

And what jokes does Trump like the most? The ones where Pence mockingly refers to how “poor” he is. Poor, compared to Trump. For instance, Pence says he’s from the “Joseph A. Bank wing of the West Wing,” referencing the low-priced men’s clothing store.

But it’s not just self-depreciating jokes that Pence uses. He also panders to the president quite a lot. In fact, he shows so much “respect” for Trump that it “makes many cringe but delights the Big Man.”  As the Washington Postreported, Pence praised Trump once every twelves seconds during a three-minute speech.

Indeed, it’s sometimes a little hard to watch:


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