No-Swat Zone: President Trump Holds Melania’s Hand in the Tightest Grip Yet as They Depart for Europe


President Donald Trump has finally held his wife, Melania Trump’s hand in public without resistance.


The first couple were seen crossing the South Lawn of the White House to board Marine One, Trump managed to get a grip on his wife’s hand — and it may have been his tightest one yet.

The first couple departed Tuesday for a trip to Europe, where the president is expected to visit the United Kingdom, attend the NATO summit in Brussels, and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Trump watchers have kept a close eye on the first couple’s public displays of affection, especially after the first lady was caught on camera clearly swatting away her husband’s hand during a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel in May of last year.

One tweeter commented that Trump seemed to be “grabbing onto Melania’s hand, to keep her from pulling it away, rather than just gently holding it!”

Another said it was just “another pathetic photo trying to show they care about one another.”



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