Obama Just Came Back Into The Political Scene With A Brilliant Move


Former Attorney General Eric Holder is fighting in the redistricting battle against Republican gerrymandering through the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), according to a report on The Hill today.


Republicans have spent years focusing their efforts on capturing state-level offices, winning majorities in multiple statehouses that give them the power to draw the maps determining the boundaries of congressional districts so that Republicans can win control of the House of Representatives more easily.

Using sophisticated computer programs and voter registration data, they’ve managed to create Republican majority districts by splitting known Democratic voters between districts and diluting their voting power, In the process, they’ve created districts that divide neighborhoods and communities, often stretching across the state in bizarre shapes that conform to no known geographical or logical boundaries

Holder and the NDRC will be concentrating on so-called “trifecta” states, where Republicans control both houses of the legislature and the governor’s mansion and have complete control over the redistricting process. They intend to fight both in the courts through litigation and in the polling booths by supporting Democratic candidates for statewide office.

With the 2018 mid-terms coming up, the redistricting fight is more crucial than ever, if the vehemence with which the Republicans in Pennsylvania are vowing to ignore a Supreme Court decision affirming the necessity to redraw the gerrymandered maps in that state is any indication.

Holder will have a substantial budget to help fight the battle against non-representational democracy, with the NDRC having raised $16 million to date and aiming to raise twice that much before the mid-term elections.



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