Barack Obama

Obama was an INSPIRATION for so many – and that’s why we should celebrate his presidency


Former President Barack Obama was the 44th President of America who left a legacy in the heart  of millions around the world.


Obama oozed positive images of a black family lifestyle. He is a great father and leader who succeed despite the horrid racism in America.  He was disrespected, forced to show his birth certificate and even had his Supreme Court nominee blocked. All thanks to the Republicans.

Prior to Obama’s regime, many people around the world hated America, its dominance and foreign policy – with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was the one who brought a new focus and calmed things down. The former president never promised things he was unable to do. He wasn’t a man of many lies because he never saw himself as the messiah.

He gave people hope and change, and he ended up delivering. When he became the first black President in the United States, he was able to send out a powerful message that anything is possible if you make up your mind.

History will judge Barack well, and he will be remembered as one of the finest presidents America has had – a man of character.



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