One Of America’s Largest Cities Just Voted To IMPEACH Donald Trump


Do we say that this is great news for all haters of President Donald Trump administration?


The Los Angeles City Council has put smiles on our face after it passed a resolution demanding an investigation into “potentially impeachable offenses by President Donald Trump.”

Trump’s alleged violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution is something the City Council is not taking lightly.  The City has joined some major cities in passing similar resolutions.

Los Angeles City Council member Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley), said:

“We must demand that Congress use its power to investigate. With this resolution, the city of Los Angeles calls on our Congress members and senators for the good of the country to investigate Trump’s international finances and make sure that he is actually working on behalf of the American people and not his own pocketbook.”

Trump has been caught funneling more than $14 million into his private business since he became the president.

He has invited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to visit him just  as a Trump-branded hotel was set to open in Manila, Philippines.



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