Pro-Trump Pastor Says :Trump Cannot Be A Racist Because He Married An Immigrant


According to Pro-Trump pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Trump can’t be racist because he married an immigrant. From his interview on the Stream:


Randy Robison: Sammy, you’ve been an adviser to Presidents Bush and Obama, and now President Trump. I’ve got a tough question for you. I’ve been watching the news lately. Is the media right? Is Donald Trump a white supremacist?

Samuel Rodriguez:  No. The answer is no. President Trump is not a white supremacist. I mean, he’s married to an immigrant. Intellectually speaking, from a logical continuum, you can’t have a child who is from an immigrant mother and be anti-immigrant. So it’s just intellectually naive. Right?

As baffling as this claim may seem to be, since Melania Trump is a white immigrant from Slovenia, the idea of immigrants not being “white” is not new in America. While many white immigrant groups were considered “other,” two of the most predominant ones were the Irish and Italians.


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