Rachel Maddow Just Exposed A massive Scandal to Bring Down Trump and Pence. This would make PAUL RYAN President!


Everyone who is involved with Russia and Trump can be revealed by Michael Flynn, who knows so much and wants to run away from the mess. He has asked for immunity if only he would testify as the investigation gets more complicated. The investigation is threatening to bring down Trump administration.


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has exposed how Pence is connected to the controversy surrounding Pence. The president asked Pence to take care of the White House transition, and this included vetting everyone Trump requested to work with, including disgraced Flynn.

Early 2017, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates had openly warned the president that Flynn might be a target of Russia’s blackmail. However, Trump had to wait for about three weeks before he could act on the information given to him.

Flynn resigned before the president could talk about the Flynn and his many problems. It is not only the Russians that got Flynn into his present mess, but he was also given close to half a million dollars from a foreign country; Turkey, to make sure that Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen was brought back to Turkey.

Flynn was the mastermind, who planned how Gülen would be kidnapped and escape the security of America.

Pence decided to play dumb by telling CBS that  “They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia” And that the reports accusing Flynn of being a foreign agent are “the first I heard of it.”

The truth is that last year November, Pence was given a letter by Rep. Elijah Cummings to examine Pence’s connections with Turkey. Pence was aware of what went wrong with Flynn, but he never said anything.




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