REPORT: Trump’s WIFE Would Have Been Deported Under His Rules. Let’s Deport HIM Instead.



Undocumented immigrants are living in fear of President Trump’s new immigration rules. These rules are so strict, that Melania Trump would have been deported if they had been in place when she first came to this country.

That’s right, Melania would have been deported if these immigration rules had been in effect in the 1990s. Donald Trump is the world’s biggest hypocrite.

Melania was in the United States in 1996 to do some modeling jobs. She earned $20,056 for her work, which amounts to $31,041 in today’s dollars.

But according to the AP, she did all this work before getting permission to work in this country. Therefore, Melania came the United States under a tourist visa and worked illegally.

The AP confronted Melania’s lawyer with ledgers proving she received payment for work she did under a tourist visa. He said he wasn’t familiar with the documents, but he also didn’t deny that they were authentic.

Melania outright broke the law, but immigration officials didn’t consider her a priority. They focused on undocumented immigrants with criminal backgrounds, which was the immigration policy at the time.

Things would have been different if her husband’s immigration policy had been in place, however. Donald Trump’s immigration executive order is far broader in reach.

This order prioritized the deportation of any undocumented immigrants “engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a governmental agency.” So under Trump’s immigration policy, his own wife should get deported for her crimes.

According to Hasan Shafiqullah, deputy attorney at the Legal Aid Society, “If the current executive order on interior enforcement and the related Homeland Security memoranda on interior enforcement had been in effect at that time, then she would have certainly been an enforcement priority.” She violated her visa status, and ICE would have hunted her down.

Now Mrs. Trump is trying to avoid publicly releasing her immigration records. She wants to avoid causing yet another Trump scandal.

It looks like she learned a thing or two from her husband about hiding incriminating documents. She won’t stop the truth from coming out, however.

Donald Trump would say that she’s another law-breaking immigrant out to steal American jobs, if she wasn’t his wife. This whole episode shows just how hypocritical he really is.

President Trump’s immigration policy is destroying lives and tearing apart families. Millions are living in fear of deportation.

ICE is going overboard in enforcing Trump’s immigration policy. They’ve even detained deathly sick undocumented immigrants.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump sits safe sound in Trump Tower. She won’t have to pay for her past misdeeds.

Melania violated the terms of her visa. Normally this means an immigrant is prohibited from changing immigration status.

It could also bar a foreigner from reentering the country. So actually, Melania shouldn’t even be here.

This country should have deported Melania long ago. It’s too bad that we didn’t, and her husband along with her.

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Article from [Learn Progress]


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