Republican Lawmaker Says: Emergency Rooms Should Be Able To Turn SICK People Away


Things are not just settling down with the way Republicans are taking about attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.


Dane Black was with  MSNBC’s Chuck Todd proposed a horrifying idea to drive down healthcare costs—hospital emergency rooms should be able to turn patients away.

“I’m an emergency room nurse,” Black said. “There are people that came into my emergency room that I, the nurse, was the first one to see them. I could have sent them to a walk-in clinic or their doctor the next day, but because of a law that Congress put into place to say, no, I have to treat everybody that walks into that emergency room.”

“You took away our ability to say, ‘No, an emergency room is not the proper place.’ And then, you put a burden on top of that to say, ‘You must do that,’” she added.

Black says she wants to go back to a time when hospitals used discretion to turn people away.

“We must treat everybody that walks in whether you’ve had a sore throat for a week, we must see them. And that crowds the emergency room. It drives the cost of emergencies up,” Black added. “And so, yes, if someone comes in from an auto accident, I don’t want to ask whether they have insurance or not. I’m going to take care of them.”

“But what it did is crowd my emergency room, where I work,” she added. “And disallowed me from using my good judgment skills, of which I was trained to do, and doctors are as well. And the federal government said, you must ― and you can’t make those decisions. And I think that was a poor thing for us to do.”


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