Senator Angus King Says We’re Getting Closer To IMPEACHMENT: Very SERIOUS MATTER


Senator Angus King(I-Maine)  has revealed that getting President Donald Trump impeach is a growing possibility. “That’s a very serious matter,” King said.


If it was true that Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to stop the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, things might go worse for Trump.

Several publications had cited a memo that written by Comey. The report was released exactly a week after Comey was fired, a decision that was said to be influenced greatly by “the Russia thing.”

In an interview with  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer , King said that if it is true that he asked Comey to shut up, Trump’s impeachment is potentially on the table.

“If these allegations, Senator, are true, are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process?” Blitzer asked King.

“Reluctantly, Wolf, I have to say yes, simply because obstruction of justice is such a serious offense,” King said. “And I say it with sadness and reluctance. This is not something that I’ve advocated for. The word has not passed my lips in these tumultuous three or more months.

“But, if indeed the president tried to tell the director of the FBI, who worked for him, that he should drop an investigation ― whether it was Michael Flynn or some investigation that had nothing to do with Russia or politics or the election ― that’s a very serious matter.”

King is calling on the White House to discredit the report with evidence “If the White House has been saying all day that this never happened, then I think they should come forth with whatever evidence that they have, whether it’s tapes or notes made by someone at the White House, to contradict this,” he said.



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