So Humiliating: Melania Trump Visibly Yanks Hands Away From Trump


It appears Melania Trump is no longer pretending when it comes to her relationship with her husband, President Donald Trump.  It was the morning for Rev. Billy Graham’s funeral, as the couple departed Air Force One in Charlotte, Trump repeatedly tried to grab Melania’s hand as they deboarded the plane together, but the first lady blatantly dodged his numerous attempts.


Instead, she kept holding down her outfit as both of them made their way down the stairs, as an ABC video shows. Donald had apparently managed to grab his wife’s hand before their exit, but right before they stepped out, Melania pushed him away, placing her hand on her skirt instead.

The pair were met with strong winds when they exited their vehicle to board the plane, with wind gusts scheduled to go beyond 30 miles per hour in the Washington, D.C. area over the course of the day.

Take a look:


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