Spicer EXPOSES Trump’s WORST Excuse For Depriving Millions Of Healthcare


Since the campaign trail of President Donald Trump, he had not had enough sleep over Obamacare. He hated it right from the moment it was introduced to the general public. He was sworn that he would tear it apart and replace it with the one he likes.
Well, during the briefing in the afternoon, Trump Press Secretary told the world that Trump administration is fully backing the replacement bill of Obamacare. The replacement bill is called the American Healthcare Act
The sad news is that the new bill would make it very expensive for millions of Americans who need good health care. The new bill was designed for one thing; to make the health care system of America very expensive that it is only the rich who can afford it.
If we allow the replacement of the Obamacare, we are invariably telling millions of Americans that they should dig their graves and start planning for their funerals. The government was equally going to lose money too, but Trump would not succeed.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer said “Look at the size! This is the Democrats; this is us. You can’t get any clearer than that” said Press Secretary Sean Spicer this afternoon, pointing to two stacks of paper in response to a reporter’s question.
Trump team has proved beyond reasonable doubts of their love for displaying crazy props whenever here is a press conference, but this would remind us of the obsession of Trump with size in an idiotic attempt to make their appalling Obamacare replacement palatable to the American people.
We gladly want to say that the Obamacare bill did not take its time to wriggle its way through Congress. Unfortunately, brave Democrats had fought this and stated that it has a catastrophic effect on the people and while the “Freedom Caucus” was said not to be devastating enough.
There is hardly a professional body sensitive to the plight of the people, that would support Trump. We are ready for him and the time to make an extra move is the fact we are looking for. We are succeeding which is the answer we wanted to get after dealing with Trump conscience.
No matter how we see things, there is a silver lining which means that there is hope for us as citizens. Maybe, the White House and House Republicans should listen carefully to what the people are looking for instead of relying on the infantile pitches that would help ease the health insurance. It doesn’t matter if Trump bill is very small, one thing is certain when you are ready to be hardworking in your choose career, it is easier to use one face in battling.
We would not allow a mad man kill our nation that has taken years to build to this extent. Finally, share these mind blowing words that exposed Trump as an ingrate who doesn’t know his left or right, Trump must go to help us recreate the dream we have America, our values and our passion for making it a good governable country.



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