Stormy Daniels just jumped to Melania’s defense over Trump’s cheating scandals


Stormy Daniels may very well prove to be one of the final nails in the coffin of the worst administration in American history.


Since Michael Cohen implicated President Donald Trump by pleading guilty to a slew of charges including campaign finance violations related to the hush money payments. The house of cards is starting to crumble.

Trump and his followers have attacked Stormy Daniels nonstop since she first came forward with her story, relying on crude slut-shaming tactics and outright intimidation to discredit her.

Today, she gave us just one more reason to love her, by standing up for the last person you’d expect: First Lady Melania Trump. In a new interview with The Sunday Mirror she urged detractors to leave Mrs. Trump alone.

“People should stop speaking for her. Maybe she’s happy. Everything we say about her is a projection. Some people misplace sorrow and pity on another person,” Stormy said.

“The entire world would be interested to know what she feels. But if we never know, that is her right and I support it,” she added.

While Stormy should be commended for her civility and graceful words, she may be perhaps being a bit too kind. Melania is complicit in Trump’s disastrous regime and his constant attacks on our democracy. By refusing to denounce his worst actions she is failing to abdicating her sacred responsibilities as First Lady.

If she demonstrated even a tenth of the courage that Stormy Daniels has mustered she could take a stand against her husband and help galvanize public support against him.



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