Stormy Daniels Threatened With ‘Physical Harm’ If She Talked About Trump


Stormy Daniels’s attorney has made a stunning revelation that Daniels had been threatened with physical harm in connection to her affair with Donald Trump.


Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” whether Daniels had ever been threatened with physical harm, Michael Avenatti succinctly replied, “Yes.” Avenatti declined to answer further questions on the subject, saying that “people will have to tune in to ’60 Minutes’ on March 25,” when CBS is scheduled to air an interview with Daniels..

Avenatti said on Thursday that he has been approached by six other women with stories about Donald Trump similar to that of the adult-film actress. He cautioned that he had not yet vetted the cases “to any great degree,” but said that at least two of the women have nondisclosure agreements.



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