Supreme Court Advances Lawsuit to Nullify Trump ADMINISTRATION


The Trump administration has gotten its first heartbreak from the Resistance. The nightmare is ending, and the political gladiators have stepped out to make sure that they fight to the finish.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has defiled Trump as it advanced a case that might kick the entire Republicans out of the White House. Trump would be battling for his life as SCOTUS gets ready on March 17 for the early stages of hearing this dared case called Blumenthal vs. U.S.

If this case is successful, Trump and his ‘boys’ would be leaving the presidency. There is no doubt that cases at the Supreme Court are complex and require steps that must be conquered before a decision is taken.


It is vital that the puzzle is carefully understood bit by bit. In the Constitution,  the basis for this case is referred to as the “Guarantee Clause.” the government would be tasked by this clause in ensuring that America is safe from terrorism.

Attorneys are going to argue fiercely that the 2016 election was invaded by the Russians. Thus, there should be a nullification of the entire election as it has violated the country’s Constitution. You should be aware that the hearing of the case on March 17th is not going to be a complete case.  It is the Special Master who was appointed by the American court that would show off the evidence from the both sides

The justices would then decide if the hearing case was able to meet the standard that would lead to a full-blown case.  If four justices out of the eight can agree that the case met the requirement, the case is good to move forward.

We are swimming in the murky waters of the American politics because the people have never gotten the opportunity to challenge an entire election that is stringently based on the Guarantee Clause, the people who brought the case might have to find another place for legal precedent.

If the legal precedent is to be achieved, the citizens cited cases that came from both Ukraine and Austria in which revotes were needed after a decision has been reached.  The irony to this presentation is that Ukraine may be vital in overturning the Russian government.

Donna Soodalter-Toman, Nancy Goodman, and Diane Blumstein were the citizens who brought the matter to the courts. The lower courts first saw the case and stated that it was a “novel constitutional question.” But, they ended the matter by saying that it was better left in the hands of another government arm, like FBI, to decide if there was a significant role that Russians played in the election.

The Obama administration in a response released information in which it was seen that 17 executive agencies all accepted that there was Russia interference in electing Trump.  Since the lower court decided on this matter, more evidence has been revealed that Trump got involved with the Russians. The resignation of Michael Flynn is one of the examples.

The first thing we have to do is to support the brave women who brought the case to the Supreme Court.


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