Texas church says Ivanka Trump gave $50,000 to help migrant kids


Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas said that Ivanka Trump donated $50,000 to its campaign to help migrant children separated from their families along the border.


The church revealed that Ivanka reached out to them after hearing about its efforts to help kids separated at the border through a tweet by its pastor, Jack Graham, the church said in a statement.

Graham in a statement said “I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Ivanka Trump a number of times over the last year, and I’ve been struck by her kindness and concern for those in need, so, it wasn’t that surprising to me to know she would want to help these families,” he said.

Graham added “We @Prestonwood are currently working to provide solutions to care for children during this terrible immigration crisis. Our Espanol ministry let by Gilberto Corredera is stepping up to the challenge to express the love of Jesus. We are broken-hearted and determined to act”


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