The Admiral Who Took Down Bin Laden Just Gave Trump the PERFECT Nickname. Amazing.



Retired Navy Admiral Will McRaven criticized Donald Trump’s words and policies on the press and Muslim ban. The respected patriot called Donald Trump “the greatest threat to democracy” in his lifetime.

McRaven knows a thing or two about threats to democracy. After all, he oversaw the mission that resulted in Osama bin Laden’s death.

The four-star admiral worked under both the Bush and Obama administrations. He started his career as a Navy SEAL and worked his up to the Admiral position.

This hero has little respect for Donald Trump. While speaking at the University of Texas’ Leadership Speaker Series, McRaven criticized Trump’s dictatorial and unconstitutional words, specifically Trump’s disdain for the press.

When speaking about Trump’s statement that the press is the enemy, McRaven said, “We must challenge this statement and this sentiment that the news media is the enemy of the American people. This sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

And he is correct. The Constitution guarantees a free press, and any actions that challenge it could be treasonous.

And Trump challenges the free press every chance he gets. During his press conference, he called every media outlet who does not agree with him “fake news.”

Of course, let’s not forget about this terrible tweet:

Trump also refused to answer CNN Reporter Jim Acosta’s question during one of his first meetings with the press. He shut Acosta down by refusing to answer his questions and calling CNN a fake press outlet.

Trump also stated that he wanted to select the reporters who attended his news conferences. His thin skin cannot tolerate any criticism, so his answer was to keep his critics out.

McRaven also criticized Trump’s ban on Muslims by saying, “I believe that the talent, energy, and idea flowing into the United States of America – and to UT [University of Texas] Systems institutions – from countries around the world are among our greatest strengths.

The men and women who show up at our shores and our doors – ready to study, work, and participate – make us stronger, smarter, more competitive, and more attuned to the rest of the globe. I would hope that my commitment to our nation’s security cannot be questioned. I stand behind our nation’s efforts to ensure all our citizens are free from the threat that terrorism can bring to our shores.”

McRaven is in a position to recognize the talent, energy, and ideas that America will lose because of immigration bans. He is currently the system chancellor at the University of Texas.

He also stated his commitment to the nation’s security and keeping it free from terrorist threats. This commitment appears to be another slam at Trump—we can admit immigrants while maintaining our nation’s security.

Admiral McRaven is a national hero—the kind that conservatives brag about. Conservatives in the House and Senate need to remove their blinders and listen to this distinguished public servant’s word and heed them. He represents the views of many veterans, military personnel, and American citizens.

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Article from [Learn Progress]


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