The Conspiracy Theory That Melania Has Body Double Has Been Revived, This Is Why…


We can recall that Melania Trump suffered from a body double last year. This double body scandal has been revived and you may not believe the reason.


The theory was revived when the president Donald Trump and Melania  arrived in Brussels. When the pair got off of Air Force One, a picture was taken and observers noted that Melania did not look herself. Of course, she is looking down with her hair blowing, it is reasonable to expect the odd angle would result in an odd image.

While the Air Force One image may have looked a little off, other images from Brussels clearly show Melania present while her husband participated in the NATO summit.

The conspiracy theory was fueled by the first lady’s love of big sunglasses and the fact that one of her secret service agent guards slightly resembles her.

The suggestions that Melania may have a body double arose in August 2017. Another image of the first lady and the president getting off Air Force One in Texas raised speculation. Once again, some pointed out that Melania did not look like herself in the image.

President Trump did not help end the speculation when, in September, he said, “I just want to thank everybody, the first responders, on behalf of myself, our Vice President —Melania really wanted to be with us.” The president was in Florida speaking with first responders after Hurricane Irma. Standing next to him was Melania.

On another occasion, Donald Trump was speaking on the White House lawn when he said, “My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here, finds this subject to be of such vital importance.” It seemed an odd comment considering everyone could see Melania there next to him.

Melania is an intensely private first lady. She most likely does not have a body double, but that reality certainly does not stop people from speculating.


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