The Florida COP who kicked a man’s head like a football just got what he deserves


We are no strangers to police brutality in this country. The story is always unending when it comes to the heinous crimes that the police commit.


A police officer in Florida is in a big trouble for his actions after a cell phone video posted to social media depicted him kicking a subject in the head during an arrest.

The video was taken by a Miami resident early this morning and was picked up by ABC News.  According to the witness, the suspect David Vladim Suazo of Miami eventually gave up the search for an escape route and walked to meet the officers “face to face.” He was then instructed to drop to his knees then lie down.

The suspect complied, and that’s when the witness whipped out her camera.

Thankfully, Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina agreed and tweeted his dismay at the way the still-unnamed officer handled the situation.

Today, the City of Miami Police Department received a video of an incident involving one of my officers. The video depicts a clear violation of policy. The officer has been relieved of duty and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office has been contacted.

Colina issued a tweet through the official Miami PD Twitter account, indicating that “the video depicts a clear violation of policy,” further confirming that, “the officer has been relieved of duty.”

The incident took place in Overtown, a neighborhood north of Downtown Miami, according to a spokesperson for Miami PD. That same spokesperson declined to provide further details to ABC News beyond the aforementioned tweet.

The anonymous witness admitted that she started recording because “it’s not something you always see in the backyard.” Once she had the incriminating footage in her hand, she uploaded it to social media to bring attention to police brutality.

You guys really need to see who it is who you have working for you. We respect you guys … We need you guys, we call you. We don’t expect you to come and just be beating people up for no reason.

The man was down. He didn’t resist arrest. He didn’t do anything. So, why are you hitting him?”


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