The Parkland student survivors just announced the next phase of DEFEATING the NRA


The Parkland student activists are not going away any time soon until NRA is defeated.  David Hogg, one of the most recognizable faces of the student movement announced the next project spearheaded by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School classmates.


Taking to the social media platform the students used so well to rally support for their #NeverAgain movement, Hogg tweeted the action plan for the next phase of the movement this afternoon.

The students are partnering with the Town Hall Project, which according to their website:

“empowers constituents across the country to have face-to-face conversations with their elected representatives. We are campaign veterans and first time volunteers. We come from a diversity of backgrounds and live across the country. We share progressive values and believe strongly in civic engagement. We research every district and state for public events with members of Congress. Then we share our findings to promote participation in the democratic process.”

The project is predicated on the fact that as citizens our lawmakers are our elected representatives, and voters, not special interests, are the legislators’ ultimates bosses. The Town Hall Project is dedicated to ensuring that every citizen, no matter the party of their members of Congress, has the opportunity to speak with his or her representatives.

No matter who your representative is, they should be willing to adjust their schedules to participate in these vital meetings, if they feel enough heat from their constituents. If they don’t, then Hogg’s threat to invite their opponents to take their places at the podium should help them make up their minds.



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