The SECRET Hillary Clinton Has Been Hiding From Americans FINALLY Exposed


Have you ever wondered who discovered Hillary Clinton?  Clinton has been an inspiration to millions of women around the world, each time she speaks, people listen and men respect her.


However, what you may not know was that Clinton was already making political statements as far back as the 70s through series of networking but significant moves.

In the early 70s, there were only a few women in politics and Clinton was among them.  She worked to ensure that a lot of women got appointed into offices and it was in this movement that she met a Texan political player named Betsey Wright.

Wright later introduced Clinton to a classmate of hers from Wellesley College called Jan Piercy.

“In 1972, I was working at a temporary job at Filene’s Basement, trying to figure out what I was going to do next when I got a call from Hillary,” recalled Ms. Piercy, who had devoted herself to antipoverty work at Wellesley, but not to feminism, per se. “And Hillary said, ‘We have to go to Washington tomorrow.’ So we jumped on a plane, and I’m ushered into the National League of Women Voters headquarters, and Hillary tells them, ‘This can be your youth director.’

They realized that the only way for women to be effective in the government was to elect them into offices, the women around Clinton were inexperienced to train these women, and the duty fell on Ms. Wright, who saw something amazing about her.

Ms. Wright ended up pushing her to become the best of who she is today.


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