There Is Something Very, VERY STRANGE About Trump Family, And It’s Breaking The Internet, Have You Figured It Out?


It’s no secret that Americans are in love with their pets.



The people are in comfort when they see their president with pets especially dogs. The last American president who never had a dog in the White House was William Mckinley, who was president until 1901.

However, Mckinley had a pet rooster and also a parrot called  the “The Washington Post.”

Former President Barack Obama was seen with his Portuguese water dogs Bo and Sunny.

We shouldn’t forget George W. Bush and his  Scottish terrier Barney, and a Springer Spaniel named Spot.

While Bill Clinton had his retriever Buddy, and a cat named Socks.

President Donald Trump is yet to own a pet…Any pet. We are wondering if he will be the president that never had a pet.

Americans have things to say about this:



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