This supercut of Obama saying “Merry Christmas” might BREAK Donald Trump’s heart


President Donald Trump is famous for taking credit for things he never achieved.  He just claimed that he’s bringing Christmas back to the White House.


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes offered p the best corrective to Trump’s claims via a supercut of just some of the many times that Trump’s nemesis, former president Barack Obama, wished all Americans a “Merry Christmas.”

Often, Trump has baited his base by accusing Obama of capitulating to politically correct snowflakes and banning the term “Merry Christmas” in favor of the more inclusive “Happy Holidays.” Trump’s entry into the front lines of the “War on Christmas” and attacks against its supposed liberal leader, Obama, can be traced as far back as 2011, when he claimed that the then-president released a “Happy Kwanzaa” statement but ignored Christmas.


Conservatives also pointed out that Obama’s official Christmas cards said “Happy Holidays” exclusively. A far holier and observant soul, Trump’s cards say both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


“You can say again, ‘Merry Christmas’ because Donald Trump is now the president,” said his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, shortly after Trump won the 2016 election. “It’s not a pejorative word anymore.” Of course, it never was.

Really, saying “Merry Christmas” isn’t an issue anywhere — well, except when you need to stir up votes and campaign donations by demonizing liberals to a bunch of angry red-meat, red-state right wingers.



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