Tiffany Trump’s Official White House Portrait Has Been Released, and People Are Not Happy…


The Trump family have not been the people’s favourite. The family is associated with hateful actions, bigoted opinions, philandering, authoritative views, adultery, and a slew of other unethical actions.


A new Tiffany Trump’s official White House portrait recently released is not a great one.  Tiffany’s outfit at the White House Easter Egg Roll was anything but acceptable.

Tiffany Trump’s outfit was risqué … in the sense that it showed her shoulders. She wore the ivory, double-breasted Gemini dress by Taoray Wang.

🐰💙 📷: Official WH Photo by Shealah Craighead

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The dress was not welcomed!

“Is this an ironic presentation in some way? Why is the coat off the shoulder? You’re in the WH, but are you also put off by its rules?” – @nicholas_gregg

“How is this appropriate? Have other adult children had cosmo photo shoots in the White House? – @mrs_wemette

By “cosmo photo shoots” the Instagram user is likely referring to Cosmopolitan, a lifestyle magazine that talks about fashion, fitness, dating and more.

“She has no reason for an official portrait,” the same user commented, “and if she does a picture it should be more dignified.”

Apparently showing shoulders is a disgrace to many conservative voters, although Snopes has already debunked the myth that President Trump has a dress code for the White House.

@Mrs_Wemette’s criticism also revolved around the fact that Tiffany Trump doesn’t have an official role in the White House. In fact, we’ve reported in the past that Tiffany Trump feels awkward around her father and doesn’t even visit the White House often. So although Wemette is correct that Tiffany Trump doesn’t have a need for a professional White House portrait, what she and others are missing is that maybe Tiffany just wanted a nice picture.




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