Tomi Lahren Is Sad Because Everyone Is Mean To Her And She Blames Maxine Waters


Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren is sad because everyone doesn’t love her again. She is blaming Rep. Maxine Waters, who encouraged Americans to publicly shame conservatives supporting  President Donald Trump.


Lahren called out Waters on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday night, “What the left believes is, if you challenge their way of thinking and their worldview in an articulate manner, they believe that that’s harassment,” Lahren said. “However, they can go out in public up to me at a restaurant, at a bar, at a mall and confront me and say nasty things or throw things at me and to them, it’s one and the same.”

Lahren continued: “Judge, I’ve got to tell you, since Maxine Waters came out and she encouraged her followers and her supporters to, I guess, continue the attacks on the right. It’s gotten worse.”

Former judge Jeanine Pirro then pointed out that Waters has not apologized for asking the public to push back on conservatives.

“No, she didn’t apologize, and she’s actually making it very dangerous, especially for young women like myself,” Lahren said. “I find it funny because many of the people who have been attacked, harassed, assaulted have been conservative women.”

Lahren asked, “Where’s the left on this?”

“Where are the feminists that are about female empowerment? TimesUp, MeToo—where are their voices in this?” she said. “Because I don’t see them coming out to defend conservative women, as they should, when we are literally being attacked for our beliefs.”



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