Top reporters just brutally torched Lindsey Graham for licking Trump’s boots on Twitter


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has become so enamored of President Donald Trump, a man he once referred to as a “jackass” and “idiot,” and a “lightweight.”


The senator is concentrating on eliminating the truth from his vocabulary as the first step in his uncanny impersonation.

Take, for example, the latest falsehood-filled tweet that Senator Graham sent.

One would think that the Senator would at least try to do better than the president by lying about facts that aren’t so easily refuted by looking up statistics in public records.

However, if Graham has learned one thing from Trump, it’s that the people to whom he’s aiming his messages don’t bother with fact checking and distrust the mainstream media that does the hard work of discerning what the actual truth may be. Thus, it’s no longer even necessary to invent a credible lie to garner votes when you can say anything, no matter how outrageously and patently untrue, and achieve the same results.

In this case, many Twitter users who actually do care about facts and the truth schooled Graham on Twitter on the difference between the lies he tried to spread and actual reality. Take, for instance, this tweet from the editor of The Los Angeles Times Washington bureau.


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