Trump “Absolutely” Had An Affair With Stormy Daniels Insists Roger Stone


Roger Stone in a recent interview with reporter Nicole Goodkind talked about  President Donald Trump’s assertion that he did not have an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels.


Stone is a longtime Trump adviser, “Are you asking me if Trump had sex with Stormy Daniels? Absolutely, that’s my opinion.” He added, “First of all, she’s his type. Look at his wives. He likes tall, busty women.”

Stone also commented on Rudy Giuliani’s argument that the $130,000 hush money payout to Daniels in the weeks preceding the election wasn’t “political.” Stone said, “it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Stone also “sees a possible federal election law violation.” He explained, “The reimbursement thing has been problematic.”

Stone explains, “At heart, Trump is an anti-interventionist, but he has this thing about torture. He thinks it signifies toughness. Haspel really does represent the deep state, and that’s concerning to me.”

As for whether or not Trump will seek re-election in 2020, Stone thinks he will. While he believes Trump will run again he does not discount the possibility that he may just scrap the whole thing. Stone said, “he also has every right to say, ‘Well, folks, I made America great again. Now, I’m going out to the golf course.’”


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