Trump Aide Just Announced Plans To Shut Down 1,100 Care Facilities


President Donald Trump must have forgotten all the promises he made to the American people; he went an extra mile to court veterans and  mocked POWs.


Trump has completely betrayed America’s former warriors.

Trump’s newly appointed Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has revealed that he is looking into closing down more than 1,100 VA facilities.

Shulkin erroneously believed that the solution to every problem is to punt responsibility to the private sector.

Shulkin claimed that  his department had found 430 vacant buildings and 735 that are “underutilized.” Rather than invest in the areas and revitalize hem, he’d rather shutter them to save $25 million in costs. Under Shulkin’s leadership, the VA is also entertaining the idea laying off VA employees.

This is wrong.


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