Trump Bans Americans from Calling The WHITE HOUSE to Protest or Comment


The end has not come to the torture of the American people by President Donald Trump. We can recount that on January 20, 2017, Trump was joined by leaders of Congress and his family to sign his cabinet nomination into the American law formally, this happened in the Presidents Room of the Senate in Washington.
In an attempt to kill the freedom of expression, Trump administration has dismantled the switchboard comment operating system of the White House. The new order is that callers are going to take their comments and complaints to Facebook and other social media platforms that the White House operates.
Guess what happens when the White House switchboard states when called “Thank you for calling the White House comments line. The comment line is currently closed but your comment is relevant to the President, and we urge you to send us a comment online at or send us a message through Facebook messenger.”
When did an American President become a leader on the social media? We have never had a social media president until now. This is not the end of the matter. The Trump administration has taken away everything that has to do with Barack Obama. Everything that Obama had labored to bring to light in the White House including on the website has been purged out. This is one of the ways that Trump is curbing the openness that was once experienced in the White House.
What Trump is trying to achieve is that he wants some percentage of Americans who have no internet may not be able to direct their grievances to the president. Remember Trump promised to be the people’s person, a man who would champion their causes and listen to them when they talk. The reverse is the case.
There is no indication if this situation would be temporary or permanent because the White House has not spoken about this as they are yet to settle in power entirely. However, there was no need for things like this when Obama took over in 2009. The line of democracy was opened for everyone, and there was no need for worries because Obama was available to respond to people’s needs.
With the way Trump and his team lie and ignore people, we are not shocked by this development. However, we are worried about us in future if this is not addressed fast. The people need their president, and the president needs them too. If he cannot give them a listening ear, it would be difficult to solve the problem of the average American.
It was on day three that Trump and his administration took over from Obama that unspeakable things like this happened. There was no regard to the people who have always supported their presidents until now. If Trump is authoritarian, then the U.S would not be comfortable for him.
We are not going to watch him destroy everything that has been built for decades before he mistaken got the power as a president.


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