Trump Gave Info To Russians CNN Was WARNED Not To Report For Fear Of Losing Lives


The information that President Donald Trump leaked to the Russians could get people killed; official told CNN.



A CNN reporter was warned by Trump administration officials never to mention the name of the city where intelligence reports were collected on ISIS, CNN accepted not to do it.

However, Trump leaked the information to Russian officials.

CNN’s Evan Perez got hint from intelligence officials that the deadly ISIS was designing explosives that would be hidden in devices and activated on international flights in March.

Perez was warned never to talk about the city where the report came from because “it would, they insisted, get people killed,” CNN’s Jake Tapper.

It is shameful that Trump could reveal such information to America’s enemy, the Russians.  He didn’t spare anything

“It’s the same city,” Tapper said in a scathing takedown. “It’s the same city that CNN was cautioned not to report.”

Among the chief concerns among Trump administration officials about Perez’s reporting was that sharing certain details would “tip off American adversaries about sources and methods used to gather the intelligence,” Tapper said. Along with Perez, CNN executives were told that sharing the location of the city “would get people killed.”


Trump admitted that he shared intelligence information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. But he said it was his right to do so.

“You can call these sources disloyal, traitors, or whatever you want,” Conservative pundit Erick Erickson wrote Tuesday. “But please ask yourself a question — if the President, through inexperience and ignorance, is jeopardizing our national security and will not take advice or corrective action, what other means are available to get the President to listen and recognize the error of his ways?”

We wonder if Putin and Trump are working together!


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