Trump is THREATENING to Deal With Prince Charles; THIS IS MADNESS!


President Donald Trump is threatening to fight Prince Charles!  The climate change agenda is something that Prince Charles is passionate about, and he is ready to push the right project to the United States of America.

However, the inner caucus of the Trump administration is not interested in it because they would counter the Prince. Charles may want to lecture President Trump on making the world a better place with his agenda during Trump’s visit to Great Britain this June.  According to the Sunday Times of London, if Charles tries lecturing Trump, he is going to erupt, and this would not be funny.

The Trump administration has called Charles agenda a ‘hoax.’  Trump had removed the references to the climatic change hours after he became the president from the White House website.  Charles has also called the climate change as “the wolf at the door.”

A government officer who is conversant with the issue stated that the Trump administration are very concerned about that awkward moment that Charles would bring up the case.  It is alleged that Trump would react strongly to the questions that Charles may want to ask Trump.

The Trump’s men do not want Trump to be put in a position that is awkward where he is being taught by the Prince.  The Trump administration just wants to take tea with the royal family or even walk down the mall.  They expect to be treated with luxury and for their movement to be hitch-free without a lot of questions asked.

Their fear of the media just means that anything that put the president in an awkward position was going to be brought out in such a way that Trump may never get a good reception from Charles in future.





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