Trump Is Weighing RESIGNATION, Republican Insider Reveals


President Donald Trump is beginning to feel the heat of being an unpopular president.


With the shocking announcement from disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who wants immunity in exchange for his testimony, Trump is thinking of resigning according to reliable sources.


A former member of Bill Clinton’s White House staff, Claude Taylor tweeted and cited an “independent journalist” who revealed that they have reliable sources saying that the president is weighing his options since the Russsiagate scandal started.

There has been a recent historical precedent for American presidents under fire, and President Nixon resigned when it was clear that he was about to be convicted or impeached over the Watergate scandal, and was forgiven by his Vice-president, Gerald Ford, who became the president after Nixon’s departure.

It is relatively safe to say that since Flynn is thinking of bailing out, Trump may be thinking along the line of resigning. The Senate has denied Flynn’s ‘lucrative’ offer; however, the question is who Flynn is trying to implicate when he stands before Congress.

Trump administration can only hope that Flynn doesn’t implicate everyone


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