Trump Just Claimed: I Am Doing A Better Job Than Obama, And Also More Popular


The President Donald Trump Campaign just sent an e-mail with a subject  that reads “Better than Obama. The email itself is even more alarming, telling people that “President Trump has a stronger approval rating (48%) today than President Barack Obama (44%) did in 2010 on this same day.“–all in bold letters as presented.


“But we bet you won’t hear it from the media,” (yes, in italics) the email continues.

They’re right on that account. You won’t hear it from the media because it isn’t true. From the right-leaning, biased pollsters Rasmussen Reports, Trump does have a 48% approval rating. But on average from all polls combined, Trump has a 40.8% approval rating, which actually shows quite an increase from his 36% approval rating that Trump held for most of his first year. The most trusted polling agency, Quinnipiac University, has him at 40%, as does Ispos and YouGov.

But the lies and misleading numbers don’t stop there. In his own poll, Trump doesn’t give a negative option, as seen above. And when you click on “Take this poll,” you get this:

Trump calls his poll, that only has options for “Great,” “Good,” and “Okay.” the official Presidential Approval poll. He continues to tell his followers that they should only listen to his “truths.” No other president has attacked the media like this, save for maybe Richard Nixon.



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