Trump Just Exploded AGAIN, Says Obama Tried To Destroy His Campaign, ‘Bigger Than Watergate!’


President Donald Trump just exploded and asked why former President Barack Obama began an investigation against his campaign before the November 2016 election, claiming the only purpose was to discredit the Trump campaign with no proof of wrongdoing.

US president Barack Obama

Trump also claimed the investigation, which he says was opened in order to get Hillary Clinton elected, was a bigger scandal than Watergate.

Trump’s tweet was also another attempt to distance himself from claims that he colluded with Russia, and to instead blame Obama for not doing anything about Russian election meddling before the 2016 presidential elections. After the election, the Obama administration issued new sanctions, expelled Russian diplomats and closed two Russian diplomatic compounds in the U.S.

Why did the Obama Administration start an investigation into the Trump Campaign (with zero proof of wrongdoing) long before the Election in November? Wanted to discredit so Crooked H would win. Unprecedented. Bigger than Watergate! Plus, Obama did NOTHING about Russian meddling.

The tweet comes weeks after special counsel Robert Mueller brought new charges against 13 Russian individuals and three Russian groups related to election meddling.

Former FBI Director James Comey testified last year that the bureau opened an investigation in July 2016 into whether Trump campaign associates were involved in Russian efforts to influence the presidential election.

The bureau had already publicly disclosed its investigation into Clinton, who as secretary of State used a private email server over which classified information had been sent.

As part of the FBI investigation, the Justice Department monitored former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Those surveillance applications became the focal point of a GOP-crafted memo released earlier this year alleging political bias within the FBI.

Trump has previously claimed the Obama administration “did nothing” to stop Russian election interference, particularly after Mueller filed charges against the Russian nationals and organizations for their role in the meddling.


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