Trump Just Got HUMILIATED When He Tried To Hold Melania’s Hand, And It Was Caught On Live TV


The awkward moment between President Donald Trump and the First lady Melania Trump is becoming a common occurrence. She is no fan of holding the hands of Trump.


This week, Trump and Melania greeted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron for the couple’s first state dinner.

However, there was something that caught the attention of everyone when Trump attempted to hold the hands of Melania. He tried a number of times but Melania openly ignored his advances.  Finally, Trump, aware that she is not taking the hint, grabs her hand. She allows him to hold it. He looks at her and says “thank you.”

We can recall what happened  in Tel Aviv when Trump tried to hold her hands, and she humiliated him. This time was no different scenario.

Twitter erupted in mockery:



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