Trump Just Sent Out RIDICULOUS Email Begging Supporters To Send Him Money To Defend Against His “Scandals.”


President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to shock us with his antics.

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Immediately after we had the news that Trump asked former  FBI Director James Comey to stop the massive investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump did something that was disgusting.

The Trump 2020 campaign quickly sent a fundraiser e-mail to ask his supports for money to help Trump stay afloat in his worst political crisis.

The email had fed into the conspiracy theory that Trump has used on his supporters, blaming a lot of things including the media that is trying to sabotage his attempt to make “America First.”

Read the entire e-mail:

Trump is saying that if you oppose him, you an enemy to the United States of America, and must be brought down

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has sternly warned us that “our institutions are under assault” by Trump.


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