Trump just stunned the nation with dangerously ignorant climate change Thanksgiving tweet


Perhaps in our next presidential election, we can institute a mandatory IQ test. Or elect a separate president for those citizens whose IQ’s don’t quite exceed the bottom limits of the median range.


Many people think that President Donald Trump is dumber than a post. There are plenty of examples to prove that point — an opinion that’s been echoed by plenty of people with daily interactions with Donald Trump, including several former and current members of his cabinet and the White House staff — the president reinforced the basis for that low estimation of his intellect with his latest tweet, this one repeating a fallacious assumption about how climate change actually works.

What happened to “Global Warming” was that climate scientists ceased using the term and replaced it with “climate change” to prevent ill-educated morons from saying exactly what Trump says in his tweet.

You can show them multiple videos of melting glaciers in Greenland or maps detailing the loss of ice around Antarctica, and, if the temperature where they are currently standing is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, they’ll just laugh in your face and tell you that you’re the victim of a vast conspiracy, most likely funded by George Soros, to deprive them of their earthly pleasures and God-given right to do whatever the hell they want to, consequences be damned.

Trump’s rejection of the reality of climate change, a belief that has already had the disastrous consequence of Amerca’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, is based on not just ignorance and stupidity, but greed, as his financial interests and those of his ultra-wealthy financial backers are deeply tied to keeping the industries that contribute the bulk of the excess carbon that is destroying our environment happy, healthy, and profitable.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin saw Trump’s forehead-smacking tweet and posted a perfect response in the form of a link to a Scientific American article that explained the inherent fallacy in President Trump’s misguided and useless comment, perfect at least for those Americans who still believe in science.

Since it’s doubtful we can pass a constitutional amendment quickly enough that would restrict Trump’s presidency to only apply to those with IQ’s equally sub-par as his, it is truly essential for the sake of the future of life on this planet that he be removed from power as soon as humanly possible. With scientists saying that we only have 12 years left to make enormous changes that could prevent a global climate catastrophe, that’s not an exaggeration. We have to give Trump the coldest of shoulders.



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