Trump Rejects FBI Assertion That Wiretapping Claim Is False


President Trump has refused to believe the contention of James B. Comet, director of the F.B.I, that Barack Obama never wiretapped his office according to a White House Spokeswoman on Monday.

The New York Times reported that Comey asked Department of Justice to publicly deny the lies Trump was telling. Comey argued that the assertions of Trump was misleading and should be corrected.  We are yet to see the statement from the department.

A White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that she doesn’t think that Trump accepted the contention of Comey on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ on Monday. She thinks that Trump believes that Comey was telling a storyline that few news outlets have discussed.  She cited some reports to support Trump, but these reports never backed Trump’s bogus claims, that Obama wiretapped his office.

It was on Saturday that Trump made this claim and he is holding onto his belief even without evidence. The White House is yet to reveal why Trump made this claim that is both embarrassing and stupid. However, officials said that Trump did this because of an unsubstantiated report.

Trump is screaming on rooftops that Obama must be investigated. If Trump who is guilty of all his sins have not been investigated, we don’t think that innocent Obama should waste his time responding to him.

Trump demanded on Sunday that Congress investigate the former president whether he abused power as a president according to the White House.

Ms. Sanders said that Trump wants only the truth and he wants it to be carried out through the House Intelligence Committee. Republicans are saying that Trump was the master of spying. Laughable! When a house is on fire, the owners do not chase mice, but this is what the Republicans are busy doing.

Trump has set their party on fire, and they are not ready to save their heads but are going for insignificant matters that have nothing to offer the people. The most important discussion now is to check the extent Trump had handshakes with the Russians. The earlier we know what went wrong during the campaign and election, the better we would be.

The future is bliss for Americans as men and women join forces in fighting and opposing the draconian laws of Trump. Doctors have stood up and fought Trump, lawyers are ready to fight, and students are also fighting Trump. No one is comfortable around Trump because he has the tendency of causing havoc.

With Democrats fighting him off, it would be difficult for Trump to have an easy run in government. We are not going to allow our beloved America suffer harm because we have a president who doesn’t understand what it means to be a leader.

The world is closely watching Trump, and we don’t know that we lead and others emulate us. However, this is a terrible moment for us because we are yet to find our footing as a politically smart country that formulates friendly rules and regulations for our people.




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