Trump Supporters Holding A ‘Speak English Please’ Rally At Trump Tower


New York is a part of America where people freely speak other languages other than English. New York is an immigration hub and this has angered a set of persons.


Multiple pro-Trump organizations will host a “Speak English Please” rally in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan on Saturday. The language used in the Facebook event for the rally calls it a “celebration.”

“This rally is a celebration of freedom of speech and the beautiful and complex English language,” the event says. It continues, “Attacks on our language are one way that America is being stripped of its greatness. Therefore, promoting proficiency in English is one way to Make America Great Again!”

While the rally is supposedly planned as a peaceful celebration, the image advertising the event on Facebook depicts a Trump follower sporting a Make American Great Again (MAGA) hat. The Trump fan has the barrel of a gun forced in his mouth.

The caption for the image says, “Our goal is not to agitate or inflame but rather to unite,” adding “We believe our message is universal and beneficial to people of all ethnic/national backgrounds.”

The organizers of the event are The Modern Patriots by Jovi Val, Boston Free Speech, and Resist Marxism. These three organizers are also connected to other hate groups on the far right. Jovi Val is a part of the “Proud Boys,” as was the organizer behind the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottsville, Virginia last year.

The Proud Boys say they are a “pro-Western fraternal organization.” They say they “venerating the housewife” and want to “reinstating a spirit of Western Chauvinism.”



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