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Trump’s Fascination with the World’s “Strong” Men, You will not believe who Trump invited To the House on the Hill!


Trump’s fascination with twisted men

Russia, North Korea, and Now China!

Is Trump a Dictator?

First, it was Putin, and now this. President Donald Trump expressed that he’d be “honored” to meet with North Korean 27-year-old dictator Kim Jong Un, “under the right circumstances.” He described Kin as a “Smart Cookie.”

Trump had earlier invited Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines Head of State, to the White House. Duterte politely rejected the invitation and said he might be excessively busy for any Washington visit soon.


These are some of the latest signs of Trump’s candidness to, or possibly enthrallment with, the world’s dictators.

Trump has been consistent on his fascination with strong world leaders


As a presidential candidate, Trump repeatedly portrayed China as the enemy — accusing it of controlling currency and successfully stealing manufacturing jobs.

But now, as President, he has a new found fondness for his Chinese counterpart. He said they have already developed a “great relationship” during a scheduled 15 minutes meeting that stretched on for 3 hours!

“I think he is a terrific person. I really got to know him very well over a two-day period. We were together hours and hours and hours by ourselves …We have a good chemistry together,” said Trump


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