Trump’s Ulterior Motive Behind Syria Attack REVEALED – It’s DISGUSTING!


The world has reacted differently to President Donald Trump’s airstrike in Syria.

It is confusing and messy because of the president himself.  The expression of force against the government of Assad for killing children with banned chemical weapons doesn’t make it complicated; however, it is puzzling because of Russia.

The president has been a supporter of Russia over the years and has spoken of his fondness towards Putin. Trump has not be caught saying evil about Putin or Russia, yet Putin supports Assad.

If Assad is attacked, Putin is affected, and that was how Putin saw this recent attack on Syria. In fact, Put is planning on how to retaliate.

Trump is already in big trouble with Putin, with some of his key members of his election campaign possibly going to face jail time, and the investigation has not ended.

To compound his woes, David Nunes has distanced himself from the House Intelligence Committee.  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has revealed the ulterior motive behind this Syria attack:

“If there was a way for him to kill the narrative that he’s in bed with Putin, it would be this. Take on Putin’s warm freshwater port [in Tartus], take on his satellite, his loyal ally Assad. And that would be a way of saying I was never in bed with this guy; I never planned any kind of coalition in Moscow.”

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