Vanity Fair Magazine EXPOSES Trump, Trump “Allowed” Melania A Child…But Only On ONE CONDITION


Vanity has  published a critical profile on Melania Trump and her marriage to President Donald Trump. The magazine used ample evidence to show that there isn’t much happiness between the two.


This may be why Melania hides away, and why Trump shows little respect for her. But there is one story that might be the most horrible thing a husband can say to their spouse. An anonymous source revealed:

She was 35—“checkout time” for women, as Trump once told Howard Stern-and no longer the dewy fox he’d met seven years earlier. A visitor to one of Trump’s homes, late into Melania’s pregnancy, recalls him remarking that he agreed to the baby on the condition that Melania would get her body back. “She promised him that everything would go back to the way it was,” says this guest; it struck this person as a “contract.” And he was simply rude to her. “There was no ‘How do you feel?’ No opening of doors, making sure she didn’t fall. Just ‘You wanted to have a baby.’ ”

This isn’t the first report about how Trump treated Melania during her pregnancy. In 2005, he said on Howard Stern, “You know they just blow up, right? “Like a blimp — in the right places. In her case, the right places. I mean she really has become a monster — in all the right place. I mean monster in the most positive way. She has gotten very, very large — in all the right places.”


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