Virginia Elects Her First Openly Transgender State Legislator Over Anti-LGBTQ Incumbent


Democrat Danica Roem of Virginia is smiling after beating longtime Republican incumbent Bob Marshall, and becoming the state’s first openly transgender politician.


Roem began her transition four years ago, but who ran her campaign on local platforms that did not focus on her identity, according to the Washington Post.

Marshall served as Prince William County’s delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates for the last 26 years, and has been elected to office 13 times. He introduced a controversial “bathroom bill” earlier this year that would have required people to use restrooms corresponding to their assigned gender at birth, according to the Post. It was killed by a Republican-led committee in January.

“Thank you all for your support over the years and this last election,” Marshall wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday night following his defeat. “For 26 years, I’ve been proud to fight for you, and fight for our future. Though we all wish tonight would have turned out differently, I am deeply grateful for your support and effort over the years.”

As for what her win, Roem said  “I understand the national implications of this race,” Roem said. “I understand who it is I am running against. I understand what being the first elected, out, transgender delegate would mean.”

She continued, saying that if she won then “people across the country are going to know that they can succeed because of who they are, not despite it.”


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