What Trump Did With The President Of Turkey Is HUMILIATING To All Americans! [WATCH HERE]


President Donald Trump may never repent from his disdain for some influential leaders in the world, but seemed to have respect for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Trump congratulated Erdoğan , who won a contested referendum that extended his powers as President.

Erdoğan virtually removed all power from his country’s parliament. Trump ended up embarrassing the United States again when he met with Erdoğan.

It was shameful watch Trump mispronounce Erdoğan’s name. Phonetically, Erdoğan is pronounced ehr-doe-wahn.

It should be known that a press conference shouldn’t be a place to display ignorance, especially when it is with a fellow world leader.

This Trump’s buffoonery is causing stirs on Twittter:

It is no surprise that Trump loves how  Erdoğan rose to autocracy, but we are stunned at the level of ignorance Trump just displayed.


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